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Are you tired of coloring pages and word searches? Then this Fold-A-Page paper craft is for you!  FREE downloads for the FREE lessons for your Sunday school, homeschool and senior groups.

Bible Crafts For Kids has created a new paper activity that everyone loves. This paper craft kit that you create and then assemble in your class time setting is ingeneous and they correspond to the 2 page lessons available for FREE as well.

Sounds intriguing? Read on.

Are you tired of trying to gather up the stuff for your object lesson? The only basic elements you will need is paper, glue and scissors and a computer to print the labels.  Once you have these items, you will be set for months of crafting fun.

I have been using the Bible Crafts For Kids Fold-A-Pages for over 6 years and am amazed that no child has ever said “Do we have to do these again?” In fact the last class I taught a little girl said ” Can we do some more of these?”, and we had been doing them for  5 months in a row!”

The FREE lessons are in a two page format that corresponds to the Bible Crafts For Kids interactive paper craft page and are written for a 10 – 15 minute class time. They are written in a language for all ages.

The Bible Crafts For Kids Fold-A-Page downloads come with full pictured instructions and are easy to prepare for teachers, home school, Sunday school or any group, even seniors love them. They are easy to assemble for your Kindergarten children to adults. They are adapted to any time frame by the kit preparation steps. These pages excite even the non-creative and for those who enjoy crafting, they are a delight. Each and every page manipulates paper, either as an add on, or the base page itself. Each Bible Crafts For Kids Free download is printable and usually have two kits per page. Each page is also formatted to the ease of paper cutting.

The label contents of the Bible Crafts For Kids Books of the Bible pages coincide with any lesson or story because they teach the 5 basic parts of each old or new testament book. The name Title is incorporated as well as What the Book is About.  The Key Verse and the Main Characters of the each book and lastly Words to Live By, a ministry principal made known in the book. Teach reading the Bible by building on each book, and teach the theme of the Bible and God’s relationship and dealing with man as you build booklets. As an added bonus we have added a Bible Verse memory card for the kids to memorize foundation verses. Using these labels help to cement the precepts of the lesson.

The Bible Crafts For Kids Miracles of Jesus relate to each individual miracle and teach the Key Verse, the Ministry Principle as well as the Main Characters and where the Miracle is found in the Bible and relate where the story is found in all the Gospels.

Then we have the Bible Crafts For Kids Top Ten. These are the most popular stories of the Bible, all complete with lessons and Fold-A-Pages.

Add your embellishments and customize your pages and giving a fun new look.  We give you the basics that you can build a look all your own with specialty papers, embellishments and stickers or whatever you might choose.


Download the FREE Bible Crafts For Kids PDF files complete with full color instructions, to cut out and use in any setting.

Because the pages are formatted to a 6×6 base it is easy to make booklets complete with an envelope storage case. Making a booklet of the Bible Crafts For Kids Fold-A-Pages builds a great reference module. However each Bible Crafts For Kids Fold-A-Page is also a stand alone craft.

Build booklets in Bible categories starting with The Pentateuch, The 5 Books of Law. Continue with the Books of History, Books of Poetry, The Gospels on through Revelation.  Each category finishes with a booklet cover to keep the book pages intact and protected. The creators of these wonderful books will have a wonderful reference tool and parents love the easy storage for their child’s creation.

Each page assembly time is formulated to fit a 15 – 30 classroom time frame. However each kit may be re-arranged to fit the length of the required time frame by doing less or more preparation to the kits by the teacher. As an example to extend the time frame, let the students cut out the labels.





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