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Abram, Lot and the Descendant Blessing


Abram and Lot is an age-old story of strife in the family. See how Abram treats the problem and his rewards.


There was trouble between Abram’s herds and Lot’s herds. There simply was not enough food for both herds. Abram gave Lot the choice of where he wanted to take possession of the land. Abram gave the choice to Lot, disregarding selfish ambition, which endeared God to Abram and gave us this lesson about Abram, Lot, and the Descendant Blessing.

This Create-A-Page and Lesson is a FREE download and you may print as many as you need for your classroom. Print the instruction sheet and the Create-A-Page labels for FREE, as well as the lesson.  This Create-A-Page makes a roll for the labels that correspond to the lesson as well as the take-home Memory Verse Card. Abram, Lot and the Descendant Blessing continues in the People of the Bible series and you may find previous Create-A-Pages and lessons here. 

Students love Create-A-Pages because they are manipulative and a puzzle and each one is different. They all still connect by using labels. The labels are consistent throughout the series. Each label is a teaching tool to cement the lesson to the student.

Also, try the Miracles of Jesus series. Walk with Jesus chronologically through each miracle here.


Add any embellishments you choose. Rhinestones and geometric stickers are a great addition to the front of the pocket. Use the circle punch to punch additional circles etc. Students love to add bling and additions to the front extend the time frame for the teacher.


Each video completes the knowledge of how to make a kit and then assemble the kit. We tried to make the video so that each teacher could follow the directions easily. We use products like 8.5 X 11-inch paper, double-stick tape, and a paper trimmer. All of which may be substituted with glue and scissors.


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