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Jesus Turns Water into Wine


Jesus Turns Water Into Wine is one of the most famous stories in the Bible. Jesus is the hero at the wedding. Follow along as we start the Bible Crafts For Kids, Miracles of Jesus, 37 miracles, and we get to see Jesus perform them all.

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Jesus Turns Water Into Wine starts our journey in this new Bible Crafts For Kids series, The Miracles of Jesus. Jesus’ first miracle is the wedding at Cana where Jesus turns water into wine. In the Miracles of Jesus, we start with the story found in John 2:1-11, Jesus at the wedding. Use this lesson to learn a ministry principle that “Jesus will help others if you ask Him.” What a great lesson to download.


The Create-A-Page Activity uses coloring a water pot and the wine glass to create an illusion as you turn the glass upside down.  It looks like the water pot water is turning into wine!

This page is the first fun downloadable papercraft from Bible Crafts for Kids, Miracles of Jesus series.

Each of the Create-A-Pages is unique, they move and they teach the 5 basic elements of the story. The labels teach where the story passage is found. They teach the key verse of the passage, the main characters, and the ministry principle of the story. The 37 Create-A-Pages in this series are different so students will always be surprised at the new puzzle of the page, they look forward to creating new and different craft pages as the series continues. These papercraft activities are formatted to a 15 – 20-minute time frame, however, that time frame is extended if the students cut out the labels themselves.

The video explains how to make and assemble the kits so you may teach your students.


Jesus Turns Water Into Wine is the start of following Jesus as He performs His miracles and shows the hearts of men. Therefore In this lesson, we begin to understand that we can ask for others, whereas Mary asked Jesus to take care of her friends at the wedding. Each lesson is in a two-page format with thought-provoking questions that promote stimulating discussion and is formatted for a 15-20 minute time frame. The lessons in this series build on each other as we follow Jesus as He travels throughout the Galilee region. Having a map to show the students where Jesus is in each of the 37 lessons is helpful.

The lessons teach where the story is found in the Bible, and what verse is the most important in the passage. It also tells the main characters of the story and of course the ministry principle of the story.

Product Download

The lesson and Create-a-Page activity is a printable download.  You print as many as you need for your students.  Having a printable that you control allows you to print extra if you need to.  You choose the papers and create a different look. In addition to the labels used in the activity, we include a Memory Verse Card as a takeaway.  You may use this as additional learning material or memorization at home or in the classroom. If desired, premade unassembled kits are also available for purchase.

The labels in the download are formatted to an 8.5 X 11-inch sheet of paper and for the base page, we use a 12 X 12-inch scrapbooking paper and cut and fold it in many ways.

Either after assembly or at the kit-making stage, the pages may be bound using binding holes.

The download is yours to keep to use again and again but is not to be used for selling either as a digital product or a physical page.

Make the Create-A-Page Unique

Choose the papers of your choice. Printed papers, and colored cardstock all change the look of the Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Pages. You choose your look. Use lots of bling and punches to punch out your embellishments.  Stickers and ribbons are a welcome addition and the students love to “Fancy them up a bit”.  Add scissors and glue and you will be ready to create your look.

Make booklets and store them in an envelope. You will find this Bible Crafts For Kids download on the drop-down menu.

Additional Materials

Additionally, for the Create-A-Page download, you will need a brad and markers or crayons as well as some assorted paper, either printed or plain.

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The lessons and templates of Bible Crafts For Kids are written and designed by Raenelle Pearson and the copyright is for personal use only and may not be reproduced for profit either digitally or as a product.

Raenelle Pearson is a graduate of Ames Christian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. Her major concentration was Ministry Leadership with a minor in Pastoral Ministry. Raenelle received her Ordination at Gospel Alliance Ministries. Her work since 1981 has been in children’s ministries where she has served as a Sunday School teacher, VBS Director, and leader. She has also worked as Children’s Ministry Director as well as Children’s Ministry leadership. She is also a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of eight, and great-grandmother of three and has been teaching Sunday School for 40 years and crafting all of her life.

All scripture references are from the New King James Version of the Bible.

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