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Jesus Heals a Paralytic


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We are following Jesus as He performs miracles and encounters people. He did heal the paralytic but He also addresses the hearts of men. It’s just like Jesus to get to the bottom of the real problem. Answer the question “Which is easier?”


Develop this new Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Page as a stand-alone papercraft or use it with the lesson. Another great Create-A-Page for you to prepare and assemble. We give you the basics and you can add embellishments to make it your unique creation.

These Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Pages will become a staple for your kids who will love each one you provide them. They enjoy the cutting, gluing, and assembly of the Create-A-Pages.  It is always a mystery how they fit together in their surprising puzzle-like ingenuity.  Some students will want to move ahead, and that’s ok because there is no wrong way to make Create-A-Pages as long as the base folding is correct.

The video explains how to make and assemble the kits so you may teach your students.


Jesus is again preaching and teaching, this time in Peter’s home in Capernaum.  He is so popular that there is standing room only and the room and outside are crushed with people. That didn’t stop some friends of a paralytic.  They wanted their friend to see and be healed by Jesus so they took the roof off of the house! Amazing. but that’s not the rest of the story. Check the attitudes of the congregation.  They never really care about the common people.

Free Product Download

The two-page lesson and Create-a-Page activity is a printable download. The FREE PDF file is complete with the full-color instructions to create this papercraft puzzle. You print as many as you need for your students.  You choose the papers and create a look that is unique. A memory verse card is also included with each product and can be used as a “take-away” for memorization. If desired, premade unassembled kits are also available for purchase.

Make the Create-A-Page Unique

Make your pages art by using double-sided paper in a construction grade that will hold up to folding and unfolding. We use quality 60-110 lb paper and you can find it at most of your box craft stores or general supermarkets under the scrapbooking paper.  We do not recommend glitter paper or enamel paper because it cracks when you fold it.

Additional Materials

The only materials you will need for this Create-A-Page activity is scissors and adhesive. I prefer double-stick tape, however, older ages may be able to handle liquid glue. You may purchase everything you need at one of our affiliate links.
Our website is only supported by our affiliate links. Please consider purchasing from our links to help support new Lessons and Create-A-Pages.

Tim Holtz Double Sided Paper
Assorted Card Stock
Double Sided Tearable Tape
Tombow Glue
Adtech Tape Runner
Elmers Glue Sticks
Fiskars Paper Trimmer
Paper Craft Scissors
Childrens Pointed Scissors
Brother Scan-N-Cut Paper Cutter
Circle Punch
Paper Scoreboard and Trimmer
Bakers Twine
Brass Brads Social Media

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The lessons and templates are written and designed by Raenelle Pearson and the copyright is for personal use only and may not be reproduced for profit either digitally or a product.

Raenelle Pearson is a graduate of Ames Christian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies. Her major concentration was Ministry Leadership with a minor in Pastoral Ministry. Raenelle received her Ordination at Gospel Alliance Ministries. Her work since 1981 has been in children’s ministries where she has served as Sunday School teacher, VBS Director, and leader. She has also worked as Children’s Ministry Director as well as Children’s Ministry leadership. She is also a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of eight and great grandmother of three and has been teaching Sunday School for 40 years and crafting all of her life.

All scripture references are from the New King James Version of the Bible.

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