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#33 Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead


They say “Easy Peasy” to #33. Down load your FREE lesson and templates.

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Create-A-Pages are fun for all ages and making this kit and assembling the page is truly a enjoyable craft.

Each page is different in the series so it is a surprise where the labels go on the paper.  The labels retell the story and help connect the lesson in each students memory. The Memory verse is an added bonus.

These pages are applicable to every age from seniors to kindergarten, even preschool when given the chance to put the labels in the right spots. They never get tired of them and they have something to take home to their parents that they are proud of. They can even make booklets using a hole punch and book rings.

You are meeting the needs of those active kids who love creating, cutting paper and gluing all the pieces in their places.  This paper puzzle is intriguing and keeps their attention as they work out the spaces where the labels go.  As parents and grandparents we love the fact that they do not even realize they are designing a reference tool that they will come back to over and over again to find information about this Bible lesson. The Bible story that corresponds to the paper page is written their own language.  Simple and easy to understand.

Any adhesive may be used with this Create-A-Page as well as scissors or a paper trimmer.  The fun comes in when you use double sided paper in exciting colors. We use a good quality paper that will with stand multiple folding and re folding. The students will be sure to open and close this paper craft many times to show the labels on the inside.

Download the free Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Page PDF file complete with full color instructions. It is another wonderful Kids Craft that will be a stand alone craft or can be combined to make booklets.

Remember add other embellishments to enhance your Create-A-Page.  We give you the basics and you make art! On this page we punched out silver stars and added them to the page. It just adds that extra ooomph!

This Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Page also has the 2 page lesson to go with the Create-A-Page craft.

We use a great double sided designer series paper and card stock that will hold up well to folding and unfolding. The designer series paper we use in our video are found at our sister website

A wonderful place to purchase everything you need to create and assemble these Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Pages, the newest designer paper is here.

Look for the beautiful card stock to match your designer paper here.

Don’t forget to look for glue and plenty of embellishments for your pages and purchase punches to make your own embellishments, easy peasy.

Follow us on Facebook and show us your pages. We love to see new pages and new ideas here.

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