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#4 Numbers


The Numbers Create-A-Page is so unique and although it may look complicated, it really isn’t. Follow the steps to the fully illustrated instructions and it will be completed in no time.  This page is easy for the children and as they build the books, they can be proud of what they have completed. This page may be used with any of the Numbers stories.


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This Numbers Create-A-Page of The Books of the Bible is a great addition to Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus interactive pages. It is also the fourth book in the Pentateuch, the 5 books of Law, an interactive booklet complete with a book jacket. Five complete pages to release the creative element in teaching the Bible. Everyone loves creating these pages because they are all different, they move, and they are a great resource for Bible basics. Teachers love the ease of putting together a kit that is easy without a lot of preparation. Each fully illustrated set of instructions tell how to prepare and assemble the kits.

The great thing about the Books of the Bible pages, you can use them with any story in Numbers!

These Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Pages will become a staple for your kids who will love every one you bring to them. They enjoy the cutting, gluing and assembling Create-A-Pages.  It is always a mystery how they fit together in their puzzle like ingenuity as well as a surprise.  Some students will want to move ahead, and that’s ok because there is no real wrong way to make Create-A-Pages as long as the base folding is correct. In this created page we used punched stars for the embellishments.

Make your pages art by using double sided paper in a construction grade that will hold up to folding and unfolding. We use paper purchased here as well as embellishments, card stock and paper punches.  We always check the clearance sections for special buys too!

Follow us on Facebook and show us your pages. We love to see new pages and new ideas here.

Download the FREE lesson to go with this craft and make a complete classroom time.  As always the basics are scissors, paper and glue.

Check our Resources tab to help with other areas of crafting for groups. Each area and ideas come with years of experience working with children and adults.


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