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This Exodus Create-A-Page continues The Books of the Bible interactive pages.  Everyone loves creating these pages because they are all different, they move, and they are a great resource for Bible basics. Teachers love the ease of putting together a kit that is easy without a lot of preparation. The fully illustrated instructions tell how to prepare the kits and how to assemble the kits.

All pages use a base sheet of paper usually a 6×6, 6×12 or 12×12 printed double sided card stock.

What a great story and Free download.  This free Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Page and  PDF file comes complete with full color instructions.

This FREE Create-A-Page download shows how easy it is to put together a paper craft kit for your students. They love to put them together as they challenge their puzzle deciphering abilities.  The kits use basically scissors, paper and glue of your choice.

We use a double sided designer paper that is designed to withstand folding and unfolding multiple times. The colors are vibrant and always have matching card stock to print the labels which adds to the created designer look. You may purchase this paper and any supplies you need here.

Don’t forget your embellishments, we give you the basics and you make art.

Follow our Facebook group to post your pages and let us all see your creativity.

Check our Resources tab to help with other areas of crafting for groups. Each area and ideas come with years of experience working with children and adults.

This Genesis page requires 1/4 sheet (6×6) of 12X12 printed paper for the base, 1 8.5×11  sheet printed paper for the folded circles and 1 sheet of solid card stock for the labels of the page. The free download allows printing for 2 kits per page.


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