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The paper you choose should be a heavy weight card stock that will hold up to folding and refolding.

You may want to add embellishments.  You may choose anything from rhinestones to buttons to torn paper or stickers. Star stickers are plentiful, cheap and nice.

For the interactive pages on this website we recommend an 80 lb double sided paper. We use Fun Stampers Journey series paper, If you would like to purchase this paper use this link and use Raenelle Pearson #12781 as your coach.

We are familiar with Fun Stamper’s Journey paper and love their kid friendly designs and geometric designs and even if the paper mentioned on the craft is unavailable, any of their series  paper in any color collection makes the craft easy to manipulate.

We do not recommend glitter paper or lacquer paper. Lacquer paper are those papers with enamel shiny spots.

These papers crack when folded and creates stress on the fold and allows it to tear easily.

Most double sided card stock in a 12×12 format work well.

For the labels I hold with a 80lb card stock or higher. I love to print the labels in a coordinating color to highlight the printed base.

Copy paper is easily available however it is too thin and transparent for this purpose.

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