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It is so hard when you aren’t the one making the decisions about your group. So many times we get a person who is in charge that won’t do the work, or they want things their way, or they simply do not care. It happens.

We sometimes also have to work with people who tell you they will do something and then at the last minute tell you they couldn’t for some reason or other. Then there is that person who does it differently than the plan and things don’t go smoothly. It happens, and it is very frustrating.

As we mature we can see the signs of conversations that are clues to what may happen and we are able to head some problems off. But sometimes we are still blindsided. This has happened to me numerous times and you have to learn to go with the flow. Your perfect plan isn’t messed up, it just takes a different direction. You may not have the ice cream, but you have the cookies. It’s OK. We don’t know what is in the other person’s life so it is time to give grace.

Remember “Give Grace” in your frustration. Holy Spirit lets us “give Grace”.

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