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It’s Sunday morning and I receive a text from a mother saying her children were not going to be there for Sunday school because they were up late at a birthday party the night before. Well, that makes me ticked.

I started on Monday morning to get my lesson ready for Sunday and throughout the week I was gathering stuff for a special activity of painting on tile. I had purchased the paint and the glue and some silicone to add to the paint and it had gotten kind of costly.

I have about 5 normally in my class including the two that were going to be gone. I had purchased oranges for snack and I had eaten a couple out of the bag during the week but I knew that I still had enough. But I ate another and that only left 5. So on Saturday I made a special trip and bought another bag of oranges because I wanted to make sure that I had enough for visitors. So now my costs for this Sunday was way over what I want to spend. But… I have everything I need and I’m OK with that.

Then she tells me that her children aren’t coming! If I had known that Saturday morning I would not have made the special trip or spent the extra money. So I was ticked.

The thing is, how do you handle this attendance problem. Kid’s not showing up after you have spent time preparing and purchasing and getting everything ready?

You don’t! This problem will always be there and this will happen time and again. This was not the first time for me and I’m sure It won’t be the last. I have learned to continue on regardless and not let it get to me. Being a teacher is not all smooth sailing.

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