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Jesus taught in parables. He told stories that got the point across. Stories never condemn, they only tell happenings or facts. Jesus was like that. He left the listener to draw his own conclusions and let his own conscious make the determination of his or her own situation and therefore left the decision to change to that person.

That is what we are to do. Tell the story as Jesus did.

Any story in the Bible will work with the Fold-A-Page Bible Pages. A lead off to the craft page may be related by moving the listener to the craft by saying “Today our story came from the book of________, this book was written under the inspiration of God to _Author________. Let’s learn more about the book through our _______Fold-A-Page.

The minor prophets are a little more challenging to segway to the craft page. Most of them do not have stories, however they lived in the Kings ages so any of the Kings stories will work with these pages as well.

Using the Key verse as a Memory Verse is always a good idea. Try using the Key Verse in the classroom setting or as send home homework for the following week.

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