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Pencils are a MUST have!

Always have pencils for the kids to write their names on their projects. Have them write their name first before any crafting, usually on the back. Add a last initial for kids with the same name. I once had two Joseph’s and when leaving the one Joseph took the other Joseph’s paper. It was heartbreaking because the kids are so proud of their accomplishments.

If you send the Bible Craft For Kids Create-A-Page home each week, send a note with the first page explaining to the parents there will be additional pages that will make up a book. Then the parents will not inadvertently throw the pages out before they can put the books together. You may suggest a family activity in finalizing the craft at home.

In preparing your kits, prepare the amount of kits you need plus 1 for each 5 children in the class for visitors, then you will be prepared for unexpected guests or an extra kit for parts in case you left something out of the students kit.

You can shorten the time frame of assembly by cutting the labels . Using double stick tape instead of glue also shortens the time frame. Applying double stick tape where the kids pull the release paper from the tape makes the labels like stickers and easy to apply.

To lengthen the time frame, simply choose the steps you want your group to do. Cutting on the cutting lines, and scoring on the dotted lines  allows the student to do the craft page from beginning to end. They can cut and fold the binding guides, punch the paper, score the folds etc. It’s up to you the teacher.

Sometimes you may want to forget the chairs, children work well standing next to the table instead of sitting.

Sitting on the floor is also acceptable, kids are very agile. Where we would groan to get up and down they never complain. I have also given them a sheet of heavy poster board as a work surface on the floor any size over 8 1/2 X 11 works well for coloring, writing and manipulating paper.

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