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#1 Baby Moses


One of the great ones of the Bible. Baby Moses! Follow along as we tell the story of Moses birth and his rescue from the Nile river.

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There are no coincidences with God, watch the lesson unfold with God’s amazing plan for Baby Moses and see how His plan for you will unfold just as He has a plan for all of His children.  This beginning paper craft of baby Moses is the first of the series,  People of the Bible. Each Create-A-Page in this series has it’s own lesson in a two page format and may be completed in about 10-15 minutes.  Add this interactive paper puzzle and you have a matching curriculum for your Bible class.  These are not just for children.  Many adults have had a great time folding and unfolding these interactive pages.  Such a crafty idea for any age.

This quick Bible craft is easy to download and print as many as you need for for your students. They will craft the page and then keep it for a reference tool in the future. They love to create an envelope to store their pages that easily fits on a shelf or in a drawer.

Download the Lesson and the PDF file complete with full color instructions.

Each lesson coordinates with the Create-A-Page and is great to internalize the the story.  The story never gets old as we see the heroine save baby Moses from the Nile river.  But wait who exactly is the heroine? Could it be Jochabed? Miriam, or was it Pharaoah’s daughter?

It is great to be able to use a pretty double sided paper and matching card stock for the labels. Some colorful paper to use may be purchased at our website

A wonderful place to purchase embellishments, punches, paper, scissors and glue to help create and assemble the Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Page and the newest designer paper is here.

Look for the 80 lb card stock to match your designer paper here.

Wet glue and  punches make your own embellishments, easy peasy.

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The lessons are written by Raenelle Pearson and the copywrite is for personal use only and may not be reproduced for profit either digitally or a product.

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