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This Genesis Create-A-Page is so unique and although it may look complicated, it really isn’t. Follow the steps to the fully illustrated instructions and it will be completed in no time.  This page will interest the children and as they build the books they will be proud of what they have completed. This page may be used with any of the Genesis stories or lessons.

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This Genesis Create-A-Page is the beginning of The Books of the Bible interactive pages. It is also the first book in the Pentateuch, the 5 books of Law, an interactive booklet complete with a book jacket. Five complete pages to release the creative element in teaching the Bible. Everyone love creating these pages because they are all different, they move, and they are a great resource for Bible basics. Teachers love the ease of putting together a kit that is easy without a lot of preparation. Each fully illustrated instructions tell how to prepare the kits and how to assemble the kits.

The great thing about the Books of the Bible pages, you can use them with any story in Genesis!

All pages use a base  sheet of paper usually a 6×6, 6×12 or 12×12 printed double sided card stock.

Check our Resources tab to help with other areas of crafting for groups. Each area and ideas come with years of experience working with children and adults.

This Genesis page requires 1/4 sheet (6×6) of 12X12 printed paper for the base, 1 8.5×11  sheet printed paper for the folded circles and 1 sheet of solid card stock for the labels of the page. The free download allows printing for 2 kits per page.

The basic materials are always paper, scissors and glue.

The FREE lesson is a 15 – 20 minute lesson that coincides with this great Create-A-Page and it walks the listener right along with Jesus as He helps many people.

The labels also help the student internalize the lesson.

Create this fun paper craft with paper and glue or double sided tape on the labels. You may purchase the same paper we use here with the coordinating card stock.  Add any type of embellishments either purchased premade or make and create your own with paper punches, stamps and glue. The kids love to fancy them up a bit.

The FREE download for this Bible Crafts For Kids Create-A-Page comes with complete pictured instructions for the ease of making kits. The download has two sets of labels so it makes it less expensive to print.

Look for lots of bling and punches to punch out your own embellishments. Add scissors and glue and you will be ready to create your own paper craft pages.

The lessons are in a two page format and take about 10 minutes to discuss and they make a great addition to the Create-A-Page paper craft.  Be sure to download your copy as well.

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The FREE lessons are written by Raenelle Pearson and the copy write is for personal use only and may not be reproduced for profit either digitally or a product.



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