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We purchase our paper products for our custom orders from a company called Fun Stampers Journey. To purchase these same products you will have to have a coach number. The coach name and number is Raenelle Pearson #12781 The link to their website is here

Here is a list of the current  products that we use:

SKU PP-0047  Mystic Romance Double Sided Printed Paper

SKU PP-0045  Romantic Journey Double Sided Printed Paper

SKU PP-0046  Designers Choice Double Sided Printed Paper

SKU PP-0029  Mother Nature Double Sided Printed Paper

Coordinating solid card stock

CS-0114  Catalina Splash

CS-0082  Denim Days

CS-0113  Green Olive

CS-0011  Fresh Forest

CS-0027  Pomegranate Splash

CS-0023  Oatmeal Cookie

CS-0013  Hazelnut Blend

CS-0008  Cocoa Powder

CS-0091 Dark Roast

CS-0094  River Stone

CS-0031 Rock Candy


SKU PP-0031  Rich Sorbet Double Sided Printed Paper

Co-originating Card Stock

CS-0096 Deep Lilac

CS-0029  Pretty Pansy

CS-0004 Blue Lagoon

CS-0015 Huckleberry Fusion

CS-0016  Kiwi Slice

CS-0033  Summer Days

CS-0098  Pumpkin Bread

CS-0036  Tangerine Fusion

CS-0034  Sweet Berry

CS-0090  Cranberry Bliss

CS-0097 Raspberry Berry


SKU PP-0028 Confectionary Days Double Sided Printed Paper

Coordinating Card Stock

CS-0118  Cool Pool

CS-0092  Pool Play

CS-0017  Lavender Fusion

CS-0028  Pretty Amethyst

CS-0095  Sweet Pear

CS-0019  Lemongrass

CS-0026  Pineapple Smoothie

CS-0087  Banana Cream

CS-0024  Orange Creamsicle

CS-0099  Bubble Gum

CS-0006  Buttercream


SKU PP-0030  Party Pop Double Sided Printed Paper

Coordinating Solid Card Stock

CS-001  Beach Breeze

CS-0088 Beach Ball

CS-0012  Lemon Drop

CS-0020  Limeade Splash

CS-0007   Candy Apple

CS-0089  Citrus Cooler

CS-0093  Rich Coral

CS-0039  Watermelon Fusion

CS-0040 Whip Cream  (White)

CS-0003  Black Licorice


AD-0001 White Liner Double Sided Tape 1/4 inch X 55 Yards





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