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He was the oldest child in the classroom, however he had been diagnosed with a disease. He didn’t catch on very well or very fast but he was smart if you took the time to listen to him. His constant questions kept the other kids annoyed and they were always calling him down.

As a teacher you have to keep your wits about you and watch and listen. There will always be someone you will need to look out for.

This particular Sunday we were doing a craft and there were several options to the craft. All the classroom fell in line and picked an option and went with it and began doing their craft. The oldest kid in the class room began to ask what if questions, and what would happen if you did this to the craft, questions. The kids in the classroom began to be exasperated with his questions and started chiding him.

On that particular day I was paying attention and I called the class down. I explained to them that the oldest kid was not trying to get attention but was really trying to determine what his options would be by the outcomes. He was being smart to determine how he wanted to do his craft by the answers he received. I also explained that everyone had the same right to ask questions.

The children learned that day that a disease did not set a child apart, he had the same rights as others.



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